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Workshops, project sessions, events, and training sessions need to be shaped and organised, bringing the right stakeholders and resources together, and orchestrating them in a way that is both engaging and effective.

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"I was surprised by how much fun the format was. ​

I have done exciting workshops in person, but not a real online meeting that was as fun. This was new to me.” 

- A. R., trainer and coach



Image from physical version of course.


Successful facilitators accompany larger and smaller changes within projects, teams and organisations. The process of change begins early, with the needs analysis and the design and planning of co-creative formats. This course teaches you to understand the needs of stakeholders impacted by your design and use your knowledge to create meaningful experiences which go far beyond "Powerpoint and Post-its". We will look at how to inspire interest, use mixed activities, dramatic arcs, space, movement, technology and timing to be both engaging and effective. We also explore how to react when things do not go as planned.


Image from physical versions of course.

  • Understand the power of well designed co-creative work-sessions

  • Learn to create an appealing participant journey and experience

  • Learn to orchestrate, promoting and maintaining engagement throughout

  • Know how to balance your design between structure and freedom

  • Understand how to serve the needs of the various “clients” inside and outside the room


  • work in small groups

  • experience co-creation and facilitation with peers 

  • connect with others in an online setting

  • enjoy a mix of action and reflection

  • share with other professionals and world-class experts

  • explore facilitation in a fun relaxed environment

  • experience engaging methods of digital facilitation


Technology play-date (Zoom + Miro)

In this course, we will use the online tools Zoom and Miro extensively. To allow you to get familiar or even better with the use of these tools, we invite you to a 20 minutes online play-date in our dedicated online sandbox. Come play with us 20 minutes before the start of the course!

Photo by Tyler Franta on Unsplash

Anyone facilitating workshops, meetings, training courses, events, or project sessions – for example in design thinking or service design projects – whether online or offline.


  • Access to computer (laptop or desktop recommended; tablet can work, smartphone NOT suitable).

  • A small space to move in 

  • Paper, Pen, sticky notes. 


English, usually with Dutch, French, German and Slovenian assistance available. Let us know if you need any language assistance - send us an email to


Maximum number of participants: 24

Minimum number of participants: 10​

Refund and cancellation policy for online courses

We will refund your ticket fee if you cancel your participation up to 7 days before the course start date. If you have to cancel your participation between 6 and 0 days before the course start date, we will not be able to refund your ticket. However, you may pass on your ticket to another person for the same course at the same date.

Payment and invoice

You are able to pay online with credit card, Paypal or by requesting an invoice which will need to be settled by bank transfer immediately. Your registration is completed ONLY when your payment has been received. Payments and invoices are handled by our Swiss-based Co-Creation School partner Sparks Sàrl, who will communicate with you about these matters. All ticket fees are expressed in EUROS, no VAT or handling fees will be charged.

Additional terms & conditions

All materials provided and shared during and after the online course are free of use, however they are under copyright and are owned by WorkPlayExperience and Sparks Sàrl, partners of The Co-Creation School. Alumni do not acquire ownership rights in any of these materials and agree not to reproduce, modify or distribute any of the materials received from or provided. If you would like to receive copying rights, please reach out to us. We’ll figure something out!

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