We believe that learning is better when you do it with others.

Studies have shown that when we learn in groups we are more motivated, achieve better results and above all enjoy the learning experience more.

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Informal, free, peer-to-peer conversations. 

Where can you meet people like you, with experience, ideas or just support to offer?

Facilitation Backstage sessions are an attempt ​to offer an uncomplicated, relaxed forum for "water cooler chat",  that relaxed environment where different people meet and talk. No agenda, no recordings, no selling, no fee.

We offer the sessions every month on the 5th, 10th and 18th at


  • 5th of the month: at 05:00 (5am) Paris time, ideal for Asia

  • 10th of the month: at 10:00 (10am) Paris time, ideal for Europe, Africa and Asia

  • 18th of the month: at 18:00 (6pm) Paris time, ideal  for Americas, Europe and Africa


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A virtual stage for topics you are interested in

Facilitation Spotlight is a focussed co-created event, introducing an interesting topic and a professional followed by a discussion between participants.


We want to give a virtual stage to topics that you are interested in – which means if you know someone who could share anything interesting for the community, find two more who support your suggestion, then propose them! When we get your proposal, we will consider them for an upcoming Facilitation Spotlight event.



Sabine Coulon

Service Designer

Sabine Coulon helps organisations to inspire & drive change by making innovation tangible. She builds human-centred services and products for both the digital and physical world.

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Eline Charles

Change manager

Eline is all about collaboration. Bundeling experience, creativity and sense of experiment to co-create solutions with all parties involved. 

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Maria Matloub

Design strategist

Maria is a design strategist and venture builder who enjoys working with traditional mindsets and tech entrepreneurs to help them think and do differently.

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