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At Cocreation School we explore the boundaries of learning and collaborating to bring better facilitation and training experiences to this world. We use different expertises like theatre, neuropsychology and design

to connect, teach and inspire.


We collaborate with a wide range of pioneers and practitioners in the fields of innovation, performing arts, science and business, setting the stage for unexpected discoveries.

On this experiential journey we aim to co-develop, create and test new formats, building behaviors and skills that embed cocreation as an essential instrument – serving more fulfilled lives and building more resilient organisations.


Cocreation School nurtures a Safe Space, building an environment which lets us play with conventions in an unconventional way. And we keep it fresh: every format we create in this "sandbox" has a deadline to grow up and move out, or die.



Adam Lawrence

Senior facilitator

Adam (he/him) connects the worlds of business and showbusiness. For years he has worked in large organisations, using his experience of theater, film and storytelling to help people work together better – running great projects, developing amazing workshops, and creating value for their users, customers and colleagues.

Adam is fluent in English and German.  He is co-founder of WorkPlayExperience, co-initiator of the Global Service Jam, Adjunct Professor of Service Design Thinking at IE Business School, and co-author of This is Service Design Doing.

  • Adam StJohn Lawrence

Ana Kyra Bekš

Senior designer

Ana Kyra (she/her) explores ways to empower, engage and support individuals and organisations during co-creation. Experienced in design research, facilitation and education, she supports organisations from start-ups to NGOs and public offices on how to use service design thinking.


Ana Kyra is fluent in English and Slovenian. Co-founder of Servis 8, the Slovenian institute for service design innovation; co-leader of the Ljubljana jammers; she studied industrial design at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts & Design and Faculdade de Belas artes in Lisbon.

  • Ana Kyra Bekš

Renatus Hoogenraad

Senior coach

Renatus (he/him) has performed around the world as an improviser, led artistic companies and directed theater productions throughout Europe. Today, he works with executives, human resources and trainers at global companies developing communication skills and shaping team effectiveness. 

Renatus is fluent in English, French and Dutch and studied Business Administration and Arts.

He’s spent over 20 years leading and coaching, drawing on organizational, improvisational and positive psychology perspectives.

  • Renatus Hoogenraad


WPX Prototyping space is located in the hippest neighbourhood of Nuremberg on the top floor of a building that used to be a toy factory. We use this space to explore the physicalities of co-creation. Most of our European pilots and prototypes take place in this space.

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