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Personal guidance from one of our subject matter experts is an excellent way to identify barriers, break through them, and to take positive steps towards a future you desire.

Photo by Amy Hirschi on Unsplash

If you’re serious about facilitating co-creation, change and innovation

(in any context), you know that maintaining a strong focus on your goals is paramount.


By engaging in a longer term, one-on-one relationship with one of our coaches or mentors, you’ll identify barriers and find ways to break them to take positive steps towards a future you desire. This is particularly interesting if you are developing your professional skills, or if you are responsible for a transformation process within your team or organisation – and need to make sure you keep your eyes on the ball.

Our coaches and mentors bring their extensive professional experience to accompany you in your journey by focussing all their attention on you. They listen extensively, ask you kick-ass questions, unveil possible blind spots and provide tools, experience, techniques and resources to help you get unstuck and fulfill your goals. Working with a coach on a regular basis will give you a better grip and more perspective, encouraging trust, creativity, collaboration, accountability and in the end, results.


Coaching or mentoring can be really effective if you​​

  • want to develop your thinking and connect dots 

  • need to become more efficient or effective in your projects

  • want to grow in your career or change career paths

  • are driving transformation in your organisation

  • think it's time to work on your self confidence

  • are facing a major transition in life or in your work

  • want to understand what is holding you back and lift barriers 

  • are unhappy with how things are working out and want more fulfillment

  • want to implement the learning of Co-Creation School training sessions you have attended

What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?

This is how we see it:

In a mentoring relationship, the mentor guides the mentee in the right direction, making use of knowledge, expertise and experience.


In a coaching relationship, the coach partners with clients in a non-directive creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential.


Keep in mind our mentors and coaches do not tell you what to do, how to do it, or do the work for you. They will challenge you and ask you just the right questions, allowing you to find the answers you’re looking for.


We give you half an hour of our time (for free) to get to know you and the challenge you are facing. If at the end we both agree to continue with our sessions, we’ll suggest a personalised coaching program that fits your needs and wishes.

Depending on what we hear, we will craft a program that includes, coaching, mentoring or personal training (or any mix of these).

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