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Save the date!

This year we will prototype our second Co-Creation School Camp.


The location we chose for this year is Helsinki, Finland. 

The official part of the camp will

start on Friday, 27th and end on Sunday, 29th of September 2024.

Stay tuned for more information and mark the dates in your calendar.

Camp group photo_edited.jpg

This is a not-for-profit community event. The price of the event will cover camp venue and materials costs. Food and accommodation costs are not included but we will have various options to fit your budget.


A three-day gathering in-person is a live version of the two community events that we usually do online:

Co-Creation Backstage and Co-Creation Spotlight!

Co-Creation Backstage is our open space event where we co-create the agenda and talk about topics that you are interested. We talk about everything and anything - co-creation, facilitation, design, community building, skill development, leadership, systems thinking... to name a few.

Co-Creation Spotlight is our second type community event where we co-create a session with someone that has never been done. We usually introduce an interesting topic on the fringe of co-creation like biomimicry, dungeons & dragons or virtual reality.

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