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This workshop is an ideal opportunity to challenge your existing prototyping strategies, adopt a more systematic approach, and build up an efficient prototyping toolset that is tailored to your own projects and needs.

This comprehensive, two-day deep-dive course will provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to effectively prototype (service) experiences.

Day 1

Prototyping foundations

On day 1, you’ll lay the foundations about how to plan for and do prototyping. Starting with an example client brief we’ll explore potential solution paths with key prototyping methods. You will gain the core vocabulary, tools and mindsets necessary for applying the approach to your own business on day 2. 

Day 2

Transfer to your work

On day 2, you will mainly work on your own projects and receive feedback on your current prototyping approach. It’s an opportunity to explore more complex prototyping methods, build a decision tree, and grow your own personal prototyping stack that you can apply back in the real world.


“I would make the same mistakes again. But a bit earlier, so I could get more use out of them.”

-  Marlene Dietrich



In this course, we give you practical tools and methods to address key questions when developing new services or improving existing ones: 

  • How can you quickly identify critical aspects of a new product or service experience before they become a real problem?

  • How can you efficiently explore different alternative solutions, avoiding many risks and expensive development efforts down the line?

  • How can you systematically evaluate which of the solutions might work in your everyday (business) reality?

  • How might we use prototyping to more effectively share ideas and concepts than any slide deck ever can?

Prototyping activities often uncover new questions that help improve the solution early in its development. Through prototyping we can produce services and products that are grounded in reality and not on assumptions and opinions.

From fast, low-fidelity walk-throughs and paper prototypes to more complex service simulations and full-scale mockups, this course covers a range of prototyping techniques and approaches.

You will have the opportunity to work on example projects as well as your own challenges, learn about the advantages and trade-offs of different approaches, and receive feedback and guidance from experienced coaches.


  • understanding the difference between explorative prototyping, prototyping for ideation and prototyping for validation

  • explore quick&dirty protoyping, prototyping an end-to-end experience and how to prototype systems

  • learn how to use AI to aid your prototyping

  • discover different ways to document your prototyping process and insights with various methods and tools

  • experience different prototyping methods including desktop walkthrough and investigative rehearsal

  • plan your own prototyping stack to fit the needs of your organisation

This is a prototype!

The Prototyping Deep Dive is a prototype developed in collaboration with This is Service Design Doing. That means we are still working on parts of it, and it may not be fully polished. However, we are sure that you will get value from it – and you will be the first people to experience it. In recognition of the prototype quality, we offer the event at a reduced price (but not for free, because paying is part of the experiment). In return, we will ask you for more detailed feedback.


  • work in small groups

  • experience prototyping with peers 

  • connect with others in-person 

  • enjoy a mix of action and reflection

  • share with other professionals and world-class experts

  • explore prototyping in a fun relaxed environment


  • anyone who builds, improves or delivers service experiences



  • Basic Service Design knowledge is highly recommended but not mandatory. 

  • No technical equipment needed.

  • If you have physical challenges, please let us know before the course. We will make sure the course fits your needs.



English, with German and Slovenian assistance available. Let us know if you need any language assistance - send us an email to


Maximum number of participants: 20

Minimum number of participants: 12


Normal price €1600 + VAT

PILOT price: €499 + VAT





Markus Edgar Hormess

Markus is partner at WorkPlayExperience, a service innovation consultancy. He is co-author of the of the best-selling book “This is Service Design Doing” and co-founder of the Global Service Jam - the world’s biggest ever service design and design thinking event (so far), as well as two spin-off jams. The focal point of his work is strategic prototyping in service design, which he uses to help organisations tackle complex business problems and make cultures more agile and human-centered.


Ana Kyra Bekš

Ana Kyra Bekš is partner at the Co-Creation School and the co-founder of Servis 8, first Slovenian institute focused on service design. She is a seasoned facilitator and course designer with over 10 years of experience. She got her MBA in Service Design at Laurea university of applied sciences in Helsinki. Her passion for public services and participatory methods is led by believing that everyone has something to contribute.

Refund and cancellation policy for online courses

We will refund your ticket fee if you cancel your participation up to 7 days before the course start date. If you have to cancel your participation between 6 and 0 days before the course start date, we will not be able to refund your ticket. However, you may pass on your ticket to another person for the same course at the same date.

Payment and invoice

You are able to pay online with credit card, Paypal or by requesting an invoice which will need to be settled by bank transfer immediately. Your registration is completed ONLY when your payment has been received. Payments and invoices are handled by our Swiss-based Co-Creation School partner Sparks Sàrl, who will communicate with you about these matters. All ticket fees are expressed in EUROS, no VAT or handling fees will be charged.

Additional terms & conditions

All materials provided and shared during and after the online course are free of use, however they are under copyright and are owned by WorkPlayExperience, Sparks Sàrl, and Servis 8 partners of The Co-Creation School. Alumni do not acquire ownership rights in any of these materials and agree not to reproduce, modify or distribute any of the materials received from or provided. If you would like to receive copying rights, please reach out to us. We’ll figure something out!

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