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Facilitators, trainers, leaders, coaches, champions: every 

organisation needs people with special skills to get things done,

solve problems and support decision processes. 

The Co-Creation School is where you will learn these skills.

Our qualified and experienced faculty works online and off-line in our locations or in yours, all over the world. We can work in English, French, German, Dutch, Slovenian, and Mandarin Chinese.


27-29 May 2024


Facilitation Deep Dive;
Nuremberg, Germany

The Facilitation Deep Dive is suitable for anyone leading co-creative activities, such as service design or design thinking work, sprints, ideation or prototyping workshops, hacks and jams; or guiding learning events like (design) training.


4-6 June 2024

Theatrical Methods for Designers, UX & CX;
Nuremberg, Germany

A unique toolset to expand your practice as a facilitator, practitioner or leader. Useful, more inclusive and robust techniques for research, ideation, prototyping, implementation and facilitation.

"One of the best courses I have ever taken" - senior service designer. 


10-12 July 2024

Facilitation Fundamentals


In this three-part interactive course which incorporates concepts from the Facilitool, you will learn how to use structure, build your presence and create flow – what we believe are the fundamentals of facilitation in any given context, be it creative workshops, working meetings or training sessions.


The Co-Creation School offers unique courses, coaching, and mentoring to help you learn, grow and master the skills of successful co-creation and facilitation.


Develop facilitation skills

Facilitation is central to any group process, whether your group is doing design thinking workshops, service design projects, user research – or any type of meeting.


Discover and master key facilitation concepts such as the use of space, status, timing, and energy, and learn to deal with challenging participants.  Explore your own strengths and voice as you develop your own style,"learning by doing".


Design co-creative sessions

Successful change begins early, with the design and planning of various project formats like workshops, meetings, hackathons, and jams. 

Learn to create experience-driven co-creative sessions which go far beyond Powerpoint to be both engaging and effective. Explore what you can control – and what you can't – when preparing for a productive and engaging co-creative process.


Grow through coaching

Develop your confidence as a facilitator or trainer, and keep your projects effective with personal coaching from experienced professionals. 


Coaching is available for teams or individuals, in a range of languages, either on-site or remotely. We are happy to tailor coaching to accompany a project. 


Contact us to discuss what you need.

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